So the summers are finally here, and I can’t wait to experiment with the gazillion amount of things I’ve bought in the last four months. Untitled1While I love buying stuff and experimenting as much as possible with my clothes,I also make sure that whatever it is that I buy is affordable and not over a thousand rupees. My personal mantra is to start with the basics and versatiles and then build upon what you have with the interesting pieces that keep coming in the market.
I’m a sucker for Indian fabrics and embroideries. I love colors and I feel like they’re the most underused aspect of Indian men’s wardrobe. While Indian women keep incorporating the colors with their kurtis, Indian men are mostly seen wearing kurtas and colors only during weddings, poojas and other Indian festivals, that too with a very similar concept of dressing i.e. kurtas over white pajamas. When it comes to street wear, we usually look for European inspirations. While I love wearing western for summers, I do make sure that I don’t miss out on the Indian clothes because we can have a lot of fun with them. One can mix and match colors as well as with the western basics to give an interesting twist to what you wear and be able to grab a few eyeballs for all the right reasons.
Like I said, start with the basics. Invest on a good pair of denims, a regular solid colored blue one and a ragged acid washed one. Those are the two basic denims to start with. Chinos are my personal favorite for summers. Buy a basic beige/khadi colored pair of chinos, that is well tailored and fits you a like a dream. Chinos should never be oversized. Now when it comes to kurtas, you can obviously go for a solid colored kurta (from bright colors to pastel shades to the regular blues and grays), but I suggest if you are up for taking risks, go for some quirky and interesting prints. Ikat is my personal favorite. They’re firstly very rare and are found mostly in Odisha, Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. From simple polka dots to the little floral designs all over the kurtas, go for whatever suits your taste. To elevate the entire look, opt for sleeveless jackets. Printed kanthas are my personal picks. In fact a denim jacket over a regular kurta would make up for an amazing look. Not so much for summers though. It is highly important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing during summers. Khadi is an excellent choice for summers other than cotton. Keep the sleeves short preferably while buying buttoned up shirts. Even while wearing kurtas roll up the sleeves.


Kurta: Ekamra Haat (Bhubaneswar); Printed kantha jacket (Surajkund Mela); Kolhapuris (Paharganj); Scarf (Tibetan Market, Noida) Picture by: Bhavna Nagpal

Moving on to accessorizing the whole look. Nothing’s more stylish than our very own Kolhapuris. They’re inexpensive and comfortable. The ones I’ve got are for 350 rupees only. Paharganj market in Delhi is heaven for all those people who want fashionable stuff at the lowest prices. I love going shady and bohemian at times. There’s no better time to go shady than summers. Ali Baba pants to dhoti pants (printed and solid colored), you’ll find everything in this place at the cheapest prices. A simple single or double strapped chappals work well for summers too. I’d also suggest investing in a pair of loafers. Navy blue, black, nude, tan, brown, grey are some of the versatile colors one can opt for and you can wear them with almost everything. The most important trick to looking good is wearing what you have with confidence. Even if it’s wrong, wear it with confidence and you’re good to go. Don’t try too hard. And never stop experimenting. That’s where your individuality comes in. It took me a while to find my own personal sense of style. Clothes are a mirror to who you are within. You don’t have to be a ‘fashionista’ to look good and stylish. Be yourself and never stop yourself from getting inspired. Happy shopping!

Peace in.

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