Q. Would you like to pursue your art as a career or will it remain just a hobby?
A. Well! I am still busy coding. Its like if nothing goes well in my life, then I would love to teach drawing. As a senior once counselled me that I am not in an arts institute. This is the foremost technical institute of the nation. I have a long life ahead. So, the time I have got here, I should be investing in obtaining the technical know-how of the field I am in. This artist in me is going to remain with me forever. It might rust over time, but whenever I will pick it up in future, it will be right there. Thus, right now, I thought it would be better to take it as a hobby and when the time will be right I’ll pursue a career in it.

Also talking about a career in design along with coding, I would like to develop a tool or media which would make drawing further easier for the amateurs.

Q. What ease factor you can improvise in the tool you are using currently?
A. More or less the method is easy. It is just that I can improvise the strokes and make it easy to achieve good colour combinations. Because I feel that everyone of us is an artist. These parameters should not stop one from being creative.

Q. Tell us about your mistakes as an artist you would like to improve upon ?
A. Having a limited perspective sometimes, is my biggest folly. Like, if the design of some article demands red apple, sometimes I may not be able to think other than red and apple. May be I’ll bring the apple logo, or just some photograph of red apple and put some effects in it. But still my perspective is limited to those terms, “red”, “apple”. There are so many other creative options that might be available to depict “red apple” without having either elements in it. So, this is what I wish to improve upon. This can be compared a situation like a village boy for whom his village is his universe so he is not able to come up with something else.

Also my suggestion to others is to always be open minded whenever you are drawing or designing. Never stick to what is presented before you. Always try to think beyond what is given. Think out of the box.


Q. What qualities should a good artist have according to you?
A. In my opinion, patience is the key to perfection. Secondly, one should keep on exploring new things and have a wider view of perspective. I have personally watched the 13 seasons of TV series ‘Family Guy’ thrice and indeed it has helped me a lot to get myself into the groove for satirical comedy on which I work in geek gazette. So, always be ready to be inspired by things around you.

Q. Your piece of advice to the budding artists?
A. Keep on exploring, keep drawing and be patient. Just let yourself do it and enjoy your work.

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