Well I suppose there is just one word to describe this man(or kid or whatever 😛 ). Freak’n Awesome!! [Or a ‘Hard Core Bengali’ should also do.]

A multi-dimensional creative with no boundations to his imagination and the capacity and tendency to learn (He gets bored easily), Aniket has gone on to explore every ounce of creativity in him. He is an Entrepreneur, Designer, Film Director and Producer (Has acted in a few too 😛 ), Writer and a perfect company to hang out with. He is an agent of disruption at Plan B Disrupt and Founder(Mostly)/ Coffee Man at High Ninja Media. He also reviews movies for difuse.in. You can watch him here. To know more about him just check out his facebook timeline, and you will be hooked for hours. He is really an amazing person to go out for a drink with.

Probably Aniket is thinking right now:-  Seriously Shubham!!!

High Ninja Media is a Bangalore based Media Creation Company started by Aniket Dasgupta and Swathy Sethumadhavan. With more than an year of being functional now, the company is creating waves in the field of Media, with various initiatives and projects like difuse.in, The Other Way, Love Like a Sunset etc.

So, we got him to take out some time off his otherwise not so busy life, and let us know more about him as a designer and High Ninja Media.

Q. How do you interpret design?
The way I interpret design comes from a very basic personal need to keep things functional and simple. I don’t believe in design for the sake of design. I believe it needs to have a pragmatic reason interpreted with an artistic viewpoint for it to work.

Q. Tell us something about High Ninja Media. When did you start and how.. from the very beginning(your first break).. and what all work you do?
I have been drawing from a rather young age- it started with my fascination for the superman ‘S’ logo which I drew all over the walls of my uncles house at age 4. It’s a different thing that I didn’t bother pursuing it because of the way the education system pushes you to think in a more conventional way (and also because I ran out of walls 😛 ).
But I did teach myself html and css when I was about 11 and installed GIMP (which was still very rudimentary then) to make wallpapers. I had started freelancing as a web-designer when I was still in school. It would be mainly to fund a social networking site that I wanted to create and had sort of started (and then facebook happened).
Then I went to Media college and met a lot of like-minded individuals. And it was there that I started freelancing on identity design and other small graphic design assignments.
I am a filmmaker by training and I started exploring visual design in moving images- I made a few short videos exploring my own design sensibilities.
And then after working here and there for a bit- I decided to start High Ninja Media with my partner in crime Swathy Sethumadhavan. We started as a media agnostic boutique creative company doing a lot of things. But in the coming days we plan to merge our commercial end of the company with a bigger creative agency, which goes by the name Plan B Disrupt, just to streamline our work process and to add value to our offerings. High Ninja Media will then become a media creation company where we will create media properties across multiple verticals and design is one vertical we are really kicked about entering.


Q. What are the major challenges you’ve faced and are facing in the company and how are you planning to overcome those?
As I mentioned, we are merging the commercial service end of our business with a bigger creative agency to expand our client portfolio and to add value. The main reason for this is because of the market we operate out of. People and companies look down upon two twenty something’s doing stuff- the amount off skepticism is immense. And then there’s a second problem- there’s a lot of small vendors that have come up- who quote unbelievably low prices and that’s sort of bad for the eco-system. The quality of work is going down and it’s that much harder to break out in a system like this.

Q. What sets you apart from the competitors?
We have a distinct vision and more often than not refuse projects when it doesn’t agree with this vision. And more than a business, we do this for our own creative pursuits. Obviously, money is important but it isn’t everything.

Q. On that note, what are the most prevalent misconceptions about design in Indian market?
Most of what I see is inspired by the west or has very strong western sensibilities and the other eastern end is too traditional and rustic for mass consumption. We lack a modern Indian design sense. Yes there are designers who are doing great work but our markets are still immature. And that’s why to sell you a shoe or a shirt a brand still needs an Italian sounding name- although it is being made in your backyard here in India.


Q. Can you tell us various prospects in which design can be utilized in Indian scenario which most of us still fail to see.
There are brands that are getting there and doing what I just mentioned. Bhane (a clothing label) has been creating some very interesting things as part of their offerings. We need a modern indian design sensibility that has been created out of a certain need or to answer a problem.

Q. Please share any one of your design related secret with us. It can be anything from a magic trick in a software to the way deal with clients and much more.
Be honest and transparent in whatever you do. Yes there are clients who will be assholes and you may not get paid. But there are a lot of clients who value honesty more than anything else.


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