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With a firm belief that one man can change the world and an objective to create order in everything that’s chaotic, Sonesh Jain has been a walking down a tough terrain for three years now, having founded Audegn with few of his friends in his second year from his college room in IIT Roorkee, and has not looked back ever since. Been out of college for more than 6 months now, we got him to take out some time off his busy schedule, leading a multi-crore start-up, and let the world know a bit more about audegn and design.

Q. Starting with the basics, what is design? And why did you choose designing as a career?
Design is response towards a problem/difficulty. We can’t respond until we don’t understand and I am curious -That’s why.

Q. What are the software and other design related relevant skills you possess?
Lighting Fast on CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD & Google Sketchup. Good understanding of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, CSS3 & HTML5.

Q. Now, talking about Audegn, what was the basic motivation behind this venture?
At Audegn, the all the work that we do, we do it from scratch. Our focus lies in raising the bar and setting new grounds to solve corporate issues. Our vision is to put art and culture in its right place – To create an Eutopia.

Q. So, what all has already found a place in the portfolio of Audegn?
Our portfolio comprises of a wide variety of designs across diversified alliances of design like Graphics, Interiors, Product, Architecture, Motion Graphics, Signage, Stall, Events, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Print Design etc. We have done wide variety of work over the last 46 months.

Q. Let us know of a few challenges you faced in Audegn (The stories of Audegn, as we say):
Co-founders left one by one -Visions couldn’t stay aligned.
Managing academics, EDC, Architecture Life, Personal Life and excelling in Audegn at once was very tough.
As Audegn grew, work grew, business grew – busyness grew. Everything was falling apart and I was just managing to keep it all together. Audegn is functional for about 46 months now – out of which, only 6 months I was out of college. Yet, I managed to do respectable – not in my own eyes though. I have juniors as teammates, and there are times (like ETE time) when juniors are busy in ghissai. Every exam season, Audegn was in downfall. Keeping up with academics was tough for me too – but I had already decided that I wouldn’t be able to devote time to studies. I managed to score a D/C in any subject I registered. Sometimes, if I was lucky, I will get C+ and sometimes, if I was not – I will get F – but Audegn kept going.

Q. While managing a team in a start‐up, what is the most difficult challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
I think I have not yet overcome this challenge. Hiring Good People and retaining them still remains a pressing issue. First the co-founders left, then those who joined over the time left. Audegn has seen over 18 employees till now – interns/part-time/fulltime/cofounders. None of them stuck around for more than 6 months. There must be something terribly wrong. But I stay on course. Rishabh Garodia and Souarbh Gupta help a lot at times. Aman, Aniruddh & Harsha are a part right now but they also have academic liabilities which they can keep aside like I did, but they don’t do it. So, there must be something wrong with me also. I am the only one managing the entire affairs of the company, not having a found a co-founder as yet who would put his heart and mind into Audegn. But we have done some local hiring in our Gurgaon Office which is a good step in a right direction.

Q. Despite all the challenges, as we all know, one faces in a start‐up, what keeps you motivated enough to continue?
I am a creative man -I don’t get motivated by the amount of money I earn or by the numbers that stick. I am motivated by the desire to beat myself than the desire of beating others.

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