Shape, the word might be familiar to everyone but the exact definition might not be. Well, Mr. Wikipedia says that it is a geometrical description of the part of that space occupied by the object, as determined by its external boundary. It is quite amusing that we are handling this ‘Shape’ from our nursery classin the form of blocks but we are not much aware of the types of it, its history and most importantly its power.
Before jumping to the Power of Shapes which is intriguing in itself, let’s have a glance at the types and history of the Shapes. Basically Shapes were discovered by ancient Greeks (not geeks) in their love for geometry. Without doubt, Greek’s prowess has been epitomized till now. Shapes have been evolved from 5 Platonic solids to many different Shapes today. The 4 main groups of solids are as follows-

1. The platonic solids

2. The Kepler Poinsot 

3. The Archimedean Solids 

4. The Archimedean Duals (Catalan Solids)

Since then, these 4 solids have been transformed into different Shapes namely, circle, triangle, cube, prism, trapezium, hexagon etc.

It’s queer as well as exciting to know that if you look around, everything has a definite Shape and every object arose from the very basic Shapes. Like, a ball which is a sphere and then you have door-a cuboid and bottle which is a kind of cylinder. Leaving the room and gluing to the outer world, we have many wonders of different sizes and shape, their beauty was never decreased and never feeble and the charisma was never mollified.
One of these wonders is Pyramid, as simple shape whose power was enormous then as well as now. Whenever and wherever, the word Pyramid buzz in our ears, our attention is directed towards Egypt, the land of deserts and pyramids and ancient kings. But, the fact is these pyramids were not only built in Egypt but also in many parts of the ancient world namely, Central America, Greece and China. It’s bizarre to know that such a creative structure was built without any of the heavy machines of today’s world.

Before getting into details about the use and power of pyramids, what exactly is a pyramid? Well, in simple language a Pyramid is a geometrical solid with a square base and four equilateral triangles. A simple geometry with a lot of hard and magnificent work is now one of the 7 wonders of the world. Well, with different locations there were different names given to them like in Mesopotamia they were called ziggurats and so were the different uses of them like they were religious temples for Mayans while the Egyptians used them primarily for tombs and monuments to kings and leaders. The ancient architects and engineers were so scrupulous that it still stood high with all the dignity and pride in the deserts of Egypt.
Khufu’s architect knew the importance of Pharaoh’s final resting so that its sides faced directly north, south, east and west. The construction went on for two decades and was divided into different parts, pyramids for Khufu’s queens, mortuary temple, a causeway and a valley temple.
There are many rumours about how the Pyramid shape came into existence for the tombs and monuments in ancient Egypt. They say that Pharaoh would rise from the slants to conquer the world but there are many uses of the shape. The energy of pyramid provides quick healing, increase in immunity, healthier water as well as for meditation, reduction in negative thoughts and increased productivity and effectiveness. In our modern world, Pyramids are widely used for the purpose of Vastu Shastra. It is believed and proved that using Pyramids shape structures provides great quality in every work you do.
It is clear that ancient Egyptians worked tremendously to brew the benefits and they adhered to it throughout their reign. The power of pyramids is never ending never decreasing and who might know that once the beauty of skyscrapers was Pyramids in ancient world, the same pyramids would become be the only skyscrapers in the coming world.