It was 9:00 in the evening; in the midst of the hyper-enthusiastic crowd was sudden gap of silence. The countdown had begun .It  was time to announce the winners ofthe Campus Entrepreneurship Challenge (CEC) a contest conducted by E-Cell of R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. Of all those tasks the participants had to do, logo design was one among them. And there I was wondering if my 1st design project – to create a logo for RVCE E-cell could fetch our team a prize.

As I walked  in the corridors of the big-bright mall, the logos of the big-brands caught my eye. The shapes and colors  told me stories ; the tag lines made me smile. “ A picture is worth a thousand words“  The art of understanding the essence(motto) of a company and expressing it as a picture by capturing the feel it is trying to give its customers is the art of logo making .

Each time we look at a logo, we immediately remember the brand’s name i.e. the logo helps in establishing a psychological connection between people and the brand. And this should be the main objective of every logo. So it should be ;

1)Simple and memorable-(no.of objects in the logo should be less)

2)Aesthetically pleasing-(form,colour and composition)

3)Convey meaning-( the motto of the company should be expressed)

4)It should suit the feel the company’s trying to express.(kids brands can  have cartoonish design , bike brands can be sporty etc..)

I started off with some research to understand the  motto  of e-cell. I checked out the website, and asked my friends who were working for E-cell to describe the motto of e-cell, the feel it intends to give and the idea behind its activities. I condensed the information and put it on paper that looked liked this;


In this logo we see ‘E’ used as the steps in the ladder that leads to the sun .The logo represents that e-cell will act as a ladder in helping one reach his goal and brighten up his life.


Here we see an exclamation mark representing those “Ah! Ha“ moments. The negative space between the exclamation mark and the bulb shows an E. This represents that e-cell aims to  nurture and encourage innovation and bring it to light. When the filament in the bulb gets the electric charge, the bulb lights up. Writing “cell” like the filament signifies that E-cell encourages you to take charge, take risks if you want to see yourself shine.


Here we see CEll written like a bulb which represents ideas. It represents E-cell as an origin of ideas.


After sketching the designs on paper, the next task was to select the best one among them. So after selecting 3 best logos keeping in mind the things I learnt from seeing the logos in malls, I showed them to my friends where each one was from a different background  like  art, photography, acting and debating to find out what each of them understood  from the logo. All  of them liked the ‘surprise’ of seeing the ‘E’ in negative space, in the 2nd logo shown above. They also found it easier to interpret the 2nd   logo’s meaning compared to the 1st and the 3rd one. So I finalized on the 2nd logo.

And finally here it is !! I did the rendering using paint and microsoft office initially as I am not well-versed with using photoshop. Later  I  used google images to get the picture of a bulb and further used microsoft office to create the final logo.


image015 image024

All thoughts,concepts and ideas can be expressed to anybody with no or few words.” That is the power of design !!


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