Yigal Azrouel runway show at satellite venue, Spring 2008 New York Fashion Week

Fashion has always been evolving! Starting with the body painting, which was the first form of dress to today’s upbeat, futuristic fashions! People have always paid high attention to how they dress, what they wear and of coursewhat others wear, most importantly! The 3 basic amenities of life, include clothing!

Fashion is a huge market. And now, designers not just know how to make clothes for the basic requirement of wearing them, but, to make it a trend, to achieve the un thought of (like, Lady Gaga’s meat dress), to make futuristic designs, to mix science with clothing. You won’t believe, but there is a dress wearing which if you stand in front of the one you love, it recognises the adrenaline rush in the body, and the dress turns transparent. Isn’t that wow! Science into fashion!


Paco Rabanne Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week. Photo: WireImage Avant-garde

Designers too, are not just in a rush to make clothes, but clothes with a conscience, Designer Issey Miyake makes all geometrical designs and patterns, and also, all his garments are made up of the entire fabric. No fabric scrap left to waste. Fashion has been one of the most influential factor. And clothes are worn by everybody. Thus, fashion is an amazing medium of communication. Now-a-days, people are wearing clothes that speak what they want to say, clothes that depict what is on their mind, and very well, people at times don’t understand what is written or said, but fashion is a language of its own. You cannot ignore it!


Designer: Guo Pei

Evidently, people start wearing colourful clothes for a LGBT parade, or come out wearing “I am Anna” caps or wear black bands in protest against the recent Delhi gang rape case. Now, we see that just by wearing some symbolic clothes, people want to show their concern, want their silent voices to be heard! Thus, fashion is there!


In our daily lives, we just don’t realise but we wear things that bring us attention. We’d wear a niche, expensive dress to show our status in the society, woollens to keep us warm, but however some will pair it with a cozy hat, boots and a muffler and show how stylish they can be even in the winters! A wedding dress that we chose, is not just the garments, but we choose our favourite colour, the best and the newest design, so that nobody outshines the bride. Everytime, we wear something, to say something.


People make clothes their personalities, like Lady Gaga’s unusual dressing, or Sonia Gandhi’s typical saree or Manmohan Singh’s blue turban. People make their fashion statements. And its such a dressing that makes people recognise you even if they do not know you. Call it the power of dressing. Fashion can be well utilised to express yourself. It is the language that everybody understands, a language to which there are no barriers. It is the freedom you feel! Though different sections of the society do have their rules and boundaries on clothing too, but it is a personal choice as to what you wish to follow.

Clothes are best mates!

They make you feel confident.

They come in all sizes.

Once bought, they are only yours!

They come in desired colours and designs.

For every budget, there are clothes that you can buy.

And, they can make you the talk of the town!

– By Neha Jain, NIFT Delhi

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